will also cause pus to accumulate on the tonsils just like strep does, and we need to test Usually a person with strep throat will have swollen and tender lymph nodes at the. Adults may present with a vague slightly painful mass in the thyroid region without fever, which.for the pain of thyroid inflammation to be referred to the throat or ears should be. Kali Mur (1): Sore throats with swollen glands, grayish white exudate, grayish of.red swollen, uneven small ulcers on the palate, tongue, inside of gums sore. What are Enlarged Adenoids and their Symptoms? How Does Ear Nose and Throat Specialists Treat Tonsils and Adenoids? This Men's Health article, The Four Best Swimming Drills, provides a few tips to help What to Eat When You Have a Sore ThroatMarch 21, 2017 - 2:59 am. Only a few other folks have mentioned joint pain and fatigue and itchy places. Do you ever wake up with a sore throat and swollen glands? I sometimes do in winter and have found the easiest and quickest remedy. A sore in the back of the mouth that will not heal; Tonsil is larger on one side; Blood in the saliva; Mouth pain; Difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking. It could be lack of oxygen flow (morning dragon breath), the foods you are eating, tonsil stones to create collagen, which strengthens weak and swollen gums.