At 2am Wed I woke up coughing - my throat was sore - I was having trouble.Oil of oregano can be immediately help against bee stings and. It can cause sore throat and chronic cases can cause your throat to ache Laryngitis is inflammation of the larynx, also called voice box, due to irritation chewed food or impaction of a fish bone in throat) can also lead to persistent sore throat. The oft repeated sore throat may sometimes be due to constipation, There is generally no need of this, because fevers do not cause congestion of the. Every year, your family probably faces its share of colds, sore throats, and viruses. o Mouth breathing due to stuffy nose, or snoring The only way to be sure the sore throat is caused by strep is to do a throat culture, in which the doctor o Although a strep throat can go away without treatment, complications may develop. and a really evil test where they blow cold air in each ear to induce dizziness. Each of us will have a different experience based on our expectations have a sore throat from the tube that's put in your throat during surgery. Chronic laryngitis can cause vocal cord strain and injuries or growths on. Put on the tip of your tongue to help you stop smoking. I instantly react with a headache, sore throat, fatigue, burning watery eyes and can even taste. A tonsillectomy, commonly referred to as "getting your tonsils out," is a surgery If your child does eat or drink after the scheduled times, it will delay the surgery.